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Administration Frequently Asked Questions

Discussion in 'The Basics' started by HORP Admin, Feb 12, 2016.

  1. HORP Admin

    HORP Admin Staff Member Administrator

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    Q. What is Hooked on Roleplaying?
    A. Hooked on Roleplaying is a text-based roleplaying website. Users can create profiles based on their favorite characters, and write with other people

    Q. What is the age restriction?
    A. The preferred age is 15 and older. if you are UNDER 15, you MUST have parental consent. This is due to mature content that may be found on some parts of the site.

    Q.Why can't I access a certain area?
    A. Certain areas on the site are restricted, such as certain areas of RPGS. If you come across a password protected area, please be respectful and move on to the next board. If you are the holder of a password, please DO NOT share this password with ANYONE unless you are given permission to do so.

    Q. Can we use the same email address for multiple accounts?
    A. I am in the process of having an add on developed for this. Once it is complete, you will be able to register with just a single email for multiple accounts.

    Q. What is Sub-Accounts?
    A. Sub-Accounts is an add on that lets you link multiple accounts to a primary user account.

    Q. Can we create our own styles?
    A. No. Only an Administrator can create a style for the website. However, there will be a few different styles you can select if you don't like the default one.

    Q. Where can I find a list of the most recent threads/messages?
    A. You can find them on the side bar, under the status updates, and on your activity feed.

    Q. Where do we update our status?
    A. There is a box under your new profile posts.

    Q. What is the cpanel?
    A. The cpanel is where you go to access your account.

    Q. What is the difference between a conversation and a message?
    A. A conversation is what Xenforo calls their private messages or direct messages as some websites call them. A message, is what Xenforo calls forum posts within threads.

    Q. I want to create my own RPG on your site. How do I do that?
    A. You will need to fill out a form and send it to the main HORP Admin page. This is to weed out spammers. Once approved, you will be made a moderator, and an Administrator will help you set up your RPG.

    Q. Will there be a blog added?
    A. Yes, there will be.

    Q. How do we add our own avatar?
    A. Go to the Cpanel and click the link that says Avatar. When you do, follow the instructions given.

    Q. How do we add our own signatures?
    A. Go to the Cpanel and click on the link that says Avatar. When you do, follow the instructions given.

    Q. Where do we promote roles that we need filled?
    A. There is a designated section to promoting called Sharing is Caring.

    Q. How often can we promote or bump our advertisements?
    A. Please only promote a specific role or story line once a day. This will give others a chance to promote their own ideas, and will prevent spamming.

    Q. How do I find people to roleplay with?
    A. There are a few different ways to do this. One way, is to go through the members list and begin a conversation. The other is, you can post in the character plot and discussion forum. Once you sign up for our site, you can begin posting in the areas that interest you. I highly suggest introducing yourself first here.

    Q. We want to chat but not RP. Where do we go?
    A. You can chat through private conversations, our chat rooms (coming soon!), or the Hang Out forum

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